Raws Request

If you want to request series raws for us to buy this is the place to be. Make sure to EMAIL me. I will ignore posts on the page. snarkandconfetti@gmail.com

-Series Raws Request-

I will be offerings raws and taking requests for groups, but at the moment I am very poor. So I am unable to offer anything at the moment. If you need a series and are unable to get it, but are willing to toss me the money for it. I am more then happy to order and scan it. HQ of course. I’m trying to put up a donation button, but paypal is being difficult. So you can toss money at lanoirchat@gmail.com paypal if you still want to donate!

This is a list of current requests. If you have raws or would like to donate we would love the help!

Need volume 5 and up!

Need volume 5 and up!


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